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Marshalling and Signaling (Ramp Safety)

  • Course Description

    This course is designed to provide participants with adequate background knowledge and skills required to perform their duties and assuming their responsibilities as supervisor/managers in handling the aircraft on ground.

    Course Contents

    • -  Start up, marshall out of both fix wing and rotary type aircraft
    • -  Follow departure procedure of both types of aircraft
    • -  Perform receiving procedure of both types of aircraft
    • -  Spot/park all aircraft as per departure sequence
    • -  Understand Aldis lamp signals
    • -  Take precautions for moving an aircraft
    • -  Deal with fire and emergencies during start-up
    • -  Understand various ATC tower clearances for taxi, lineup and take-off
    • -  Develop knowledge on pyrotechnic signals
  • Location:

    Messestadt Munich Riem (Convention City Munich Riem), Joseph Wild Street 13, 81829 Munich


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